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January 18, 2011


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Tim & Janet Tullis

Congratulations Trent!

We knew you had the smarts and drive to accomplish great things. Go get them!

Grandmother & Gradnfather Tullis

Reynold Bates

Congratulations, you are an amazing young man!!
We've always been so proud of you, and know that your potential is unlimited. Good things happen to good people, like you!!
Grandpa Buz and Linda

Karen O'Connor

Trent, Way to go! You may not realize it yet, but the attributes and abilities that have contributed to your recent promotion are of great value not only to you, but also to your community and to your country.
Sometimes, when we are young, we might take certain kinds of things for granted, particularly when something comes easy for us. When I see young people who can advance in the workplace and use their minds and passion toward meaningful ends, as you are able to do, I want to say thank you. We need this kind of brilliance in the business world to keep/make our economy strong.

I've been in the field of education, teaching business and office technology workplace skills, for the past 27 years.
I have observed that some people have natural abilities that help them take leadership roles in the workplace and what that success can mean to their own well being, plus that of their colleagues, co-workers, and not least, their families, over time.

Our country was built on the success and dreams of both entrepreneurs and those who could brave the wilderness and it sounds as if you and your excellent paddles have what it takes.

Keep up the good work !

Karen O'Connor

Chair, Business and Information Technology
Cerro Coso Community College (Ridgecrest California)
President-Elect, California Business Education Association
(oh and by the way, My grandpa Joe is your grandpa Bates' dad.)

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